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continuing MacDonald – tracing the MacDonald genealogy back to Adam (number 35 on the map – 1ve, lines 3–57)
  1v (e)    
3 mhic giallcad son of Giallchaidh
4 mhic ollella olchain son of Oilill Olchaoin
5 mhic sirrna saodlaid son of Siorna Saoghlach
6 mhic dein mhic deamail son of Dian son of Deamhal
7 mhic roteachtaigh son of Roitheachtach
8 mhic mháein son of Maon
9 mhic aengusa olmucaigh son of Aonghus Olmucach
10 mhic fhiachach labrainne son of Fiachaidh Labhruinne
11 mhic smirghaill son of Smiorghall
12 mhic enbhotha son of Eanbhoth
13 mhic thighernais son of Tighearnas
14 mhic follaigh son of Follach
15 mhic etreoil son of Eithrial
16 mhic ireoil faigh son of Irial Fáidh
17 mhic ereamoin son of Éireamhón
18 mhic mileadh esbaine son of Míle of Spain
19 mhic bile son of Bile
20 mhic breoghain son of Breoghan
21 mhic bratha son of Bratha
22 mhic deatha son of Deathacha
23 mhic erchadha son of Earchaidh
24 mhic alloid son of Ealloid
25 mhic nuaghad son of Nuadhad
26 mhic naenuail son of Neanual
27 mhic ebir ghlais son of Eibhear Glas
28 mhic ebir glunfhinn son of Eibhear Glúinfhionn
29 mhic laimfhinn son of Láimhfhionn
30 mhic aghnoin fhinn son of Aghnon Fionn
31 mhic thait son of Tát
32 mhic oghomhain son of Oghamhan
33 mhic beoghomain son of Beodhamhan
34 mhic ebir scuit son of Eibhear Scot
35 mhic shruib son of Sru
36 mhic esruib son of Easru
37 mhic gaeighil glais son of Gaedheal Glas
38 mhic niuil son of Niul
39 mhic fenius farsaigh son of Feinius Farsaidh
40 mhic baadh son of Baath
41 mhic badhog son of Magog
  mbraithre thaid (brothers they are?)
42 mhic goimer son of Gomer
43 mhic iafeth son of Japheth
44 mhic naeí son of Noah
45 mhic laimfhiach son of Lamech
46 mhic mathasalam son of Methuselah
47 mhic enog son of Enoch
48 mhic iareth son of Jared
49 mhic malalel son of Mahalaleel
50 mhic canain son of Cain
51 mhic enois son of Enos
52 mhic seth son of Seth
53 mhic adhaim son of Adam
54 mhic de bí son of the Living God
55 et ni fil en and there is no
56 duine suas person up
57 uadha sin acht dia uilecumachtach from them but God omnipotent.